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Houston Area Traditional Dance Society

Houston Area Traditional Dance Society

Karen Axelrod's In the Moment Series


Karen's In the Moment: A NOT Concert takes place every Tuesday evening at 7:00 ET / 6:00 CT on Facebook Live. If you are on Facebook you can find Karen at karen.axelrod.9.

Although you must have a Facebook account to listen and watch each not-concert as it streams, the videos are viewable without a Facebook account after the stream is done. Links to the videos are posted near the bottom of this page.

If you're concerned about Facebook tracking you across the web, which it does whether you have a Facebook account or not, you may want to use Firefox with the Facebook Container add-on. Note: the add-on is not available on iOS, as all browsers on iOS are just Apple's Safari in another skin.

What are these not concerts?

Karen receives recordings of tunes from fellow ECD musicians such as Daron Douglas, Anna Patton, Rachel Bell, Jeff Spero, and several more. Although Karen knows what the tunes are in advance, she doesn't listen to the recordings ahead of time and has no idea what the other musician is going to do with the tune.

Playing either piano or accordion, she plays along with each recording while streaming on Facebook.

Not only is it musically spontaneous, but anything can and does happen. That only adds to the fun and the in-the-moment and not-a-concert aspects. Power has gone out, a smoke alarm has gone off, extra and totally unexpected musicians have turned up on recordings, and there is the occasional technical glitch. Karen has to react to each of these, and her reactions are often priceless.

Tips Appreciated!

Here is Tip JarKaren's Tip Jar on (PayPal account required). Karen shares these tips with the core musicians who send her recordings. Please donate if you can.