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Houston Area Traditional Dance Society

Houston Area Traditional Dance Society

All public HATDS in-person events remain suspended.

Early HATDS graphic by Lauren Singer
Early HATDS graphic by Lauren Singer


Incorporated on September 14, 1990, the Houston Area Traditional Dance Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to organizing and promoting contra and English Country dance in the Houston, Texas metroplex.

HATDS sponsors regular contra and English Country dances throughout the year, a dance weekend in February that features nationally-acclaimed talent, and occasionally other special events. All dances are open to the public and are family-friendly, smoke-free, and alcohol-free.

HATDS sponsors a community band that allows anyone who plays an instrument to learn how to play for contra dances. See the Contra Dan's band page for details.

HATDS sponsors workshops for current and would-be callers and organizers.

HATDS is a community of dancers, dance organizers, callers, and musi­cians. When you come to a dance, you are welcomed into that community. We charge an admission price so that we can pay the hall rent and give a token amount to the musi­cians and callers who make our dances possible; otherwise the dances would be free.

As with other contra dance groups, HATDS is an organization of volunteers. There are many jobs, both large and small, that need to be done in order for HATDS to function, and we can always use a few more helping hands. If you've enjoyed dancing with us, please consider helping out however you can. See our Volunteer page, talk to a board member at a dance, or email

HATDS is a membership organization. Members receive a discount at regular dances and at Bayou Bedlam. Members also have voting privileges and may serve on our board of directors. See our membership page for details.

Finally, HATDS is an affiliate member of the Country Dance and Song Society and Texas International Folk Dancers, two organizations with similar missions but with a wider scope.



HATDS is led by an all-volunteer, five-member Board of Directors. Directors are elected by the members, usually in May, and serve for a one year term. The current directors are Cindy Czako, Jeff Gold, Sam Hempel, Keith Holmes, and Erica McCready.

In addition to the Board, there are several major volunteer positions and offices.

Current Officers
PositionOffice Holder
President Jeff Gold*
Vice-President Erica McCready*
Secretary Sam Hempel*
Treasurer John Bloom
Communications Coordinator Cindy Czako*
Compliance Officer Erica McCready*
Membership Coordinator Kendall Rogers
Supplies Manager Marcy Holmes
Volunteer Coordinator Marcy Holmes
Bayou Bedlam Chair Jeff Gold*
Safety Committee Chair Cami Crawford
Booking Agent John Bloom
Mailing List Marsha Hurwitz
Website Keith Holmes*
*Member of the Board of Directors.


The HATDS Bylaws are online here.

Annual Meeting

In accordance with state law, HATDS holds an annual meeting of the member­ship where short state of the organization reports are given and a new board of directors is introduced, or in some years, elected. The annual meeting usually occurs in May.


We now have a separate section dedicated to the history of HATDS. Please visit it here.

Socrates learned to dance when he was 70 because he felt that an essential part of himself had been neglected. ~ Source Unknown