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Houston Area Traditional Dance Society

Events @Home

CDSS Events List

The place to start for @Home events. Includes some of the events we list below along with several more, including concerts, classes for callers and musicians, song sessions, dances, etc. Website

Caller Workshops

Dugan Murphy, our caller at Bayou Bedlam 2018, is leading a series of online classes for contra callers. Website

Contra Dance and Music

The Bay Area CDS and other California groups are hosting several events online, both on Facebook Live and Zoom. They recently hosted Kendall Rogers in a concert consisting mostly of his own waltzes. See for a constantly-updated list and links.

Country Dance Music Radio

CDMR is an internet streaming radio station playing the music you love to dance to! You can also support the musicians through links on the site, including Daron Douglas, who would have been the violinist at Set for Spring. Website

English Country Dance

Dances for 1 or 2

There are several new dances being written or old ones adapted for one or two people. Choreography and other links are being collected here.

Videos of some of these dances have been collected by Bob Green. Link

The Toronto ECD group does these dances over Zoom every Friday 6-8. Contact Website

Oklahoma caller Louise Siddons created a video in which she teaches seven dances for solo dancers. The music is provided by Oklahoma musicians. YouTube

Every Tuesday at 6:00 CT, Karen Axelrod, who would have been the pianist at Set for Spring, offers In the Moment: A NOT concert by Karen Axelrod and friends where she plays along with recordings of tunes that friends have sent her. It's on Facebook Live at

ECD Videos

Maintained by the Lambertville Country Dancers. Website

Web Chats

The Historical Tea and Dance Society (of Pasadena, California) is presenting 5 Things: An English Country Dance Web Talk, a series of chats with some of the best ECD callers and musicians. Tuesdays, 8 pm CT. Prior weeks are available to watch on their Facebook page (FB account not required). Facebook | Website

Here is the chat with Joanna Reiner, who would have been our caller at Set for Spring. Joanna doesn't join the chat until about 12 minutes in. It's well worth a listen.

International Folk Dance

IFD generally works quite well as solo dancing. There are dozens of Zoom sessions being run by people around the world. Some have 40 or so participants, but others have hundreds or even thousands of dancers all dancing together at the same time.

Here are a few:


Several of the performers and teachers who would have been at NEFFA this year have posted videos on Vimeo. Included are songs, instrumentals, dances, and more. Find them all here.

Here is a song that many of us can relate to:

Do You Know of More?

If you know of other events that we could include here, email