Houston Area Traditional Dance Society

Why Fragrance Free?

Most people understand why we want our dances to be alcohol-free and smoke-free, but question “Why fragrance-free? Do you want us to stink?”

No, of course not; we want you to use a deodorant! But one doesn't have to wear cover-up fragrances to eliminate natural body odors, and just as second-hand smoke is irritating and harmful to many people, so are the fragrances added to thousands of personal care products.

It's a Health Issue

Please understand that this is not just a preference issue. For many people, it is a health issue.

For some people the solvents, petroleum products, and even natural essential oils used in personal care products can act not only as respiratory irritants but also as cardiac stimulants (skyrocketing blood pressure, palpitations), neurotoxins (severe headaches, tremors, mental confusion, equilibrium loss, blurred vision), and if being worn, skin irritants (rashes, itching). Exposure to products containing even small amounts of these chemicals can cause these symptoms.

Chemical sensitivity results from continued exposure to solvents and products in doses thought to be safe. It could happen to any one of us, and if you're someone who uses scented products, you are most at risk for developing sensitivity.

Although chemical sensitivity sounds like an allergy, it is not. Unlike many allergies, the symptoms can not be treated with drugs. The only remedy is to avoid exposure.

It's a Preference Issue

An individual who reeks of smoke or alcohol, or has strong body odor, is repulsive to dance with. For many people, so is the individual who wears perfume, cologne, or other scented personal products.

Everyone can breathe clean air. Not everyone can, or wants to, breathe polluted air.

What to Do?

We ask that, when coming to a dance, you please:

A Sample of Fragrance-Free Personal Products

Thanks to the Bay Area CDS and nofragrance.org (archived site) for portions of the text above.

If you'd like to know where some of the chemicals used in perfumes come from, follow this link.

Stifling an urge to dance is bad for your health—it rusts your spirit and your hips.
~ Adabella Radici