Houston Area Traditional Dance Society

Special English Dance on 02-09-2017

This special dance will feature the playing of Alchemy and the calling of Susan Kevra. Although it is held in conjunction with the Bayou Bedlam contra dance weekend and is right before the Houston Early Music Festival begins, it is not part of either event and must be paid separately.

Date: Thursday, February 9
Time: 7:00 to 9:30 pm.
Location: St. Mark's United Methodist Church, 600 Pecore St., 77009 New tab in the Houston Heights. Details below.
Cost: $15 per person, no discounts, additional donations welcome. Prepay online or pay at the door.


Awesome Talent

Those of us who have danced to Alchemy guarantee that they are one of the best ECD bands you've never heard of. In addition, caller Susan Kevra—who plays clarinet with two members of Alchemy in another ECD band—will join in on clarinet when she can.

Experience or partner necessary?

No partner is necessary. We encourage changing partners throughout the evening.

Although all dances will be taught, this special event is not geared toward those completely new to English country dancing; some experience with ECD and its terminology is expected.

A great way to learn about ECD is to come to Houston's regular English country dance on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays at St. Andrews starting at 7:15 pm. The specific dates can be found on the HATDS calendar.

How to Pay

You can pay at the door or prepay through PayPal. If you pay online there will be a small fee charged to offset the costs of using PayPal.

Whether you pay online or at the door, please consider donating a few (or several!) extra dollars if you can. Susan and Alchemy are forfeiting their normal Thursday income to fly in early and perform for us. We want to show our gratitude as well as make it financially worthwhile for them.


This special dance will be held in the downstairs hall at St. Mark's UMC, 600 Pecore St., 77009 New tab.

There is only one, easy-to-miss entrance from Pecore, on the west side of the complex. The parking lot is at the rear of the church but the entrance to the hall is on the west side of the building, next to the driveway. Click for an illustration. St. Mark's UMC


Email us with any question that isn't answered here.

Alchemy and Susan Kevra