Featured Talent

Joanna Reiner

Joanna Reiner

Joanna has taught English dance for over two decades. In ad­di­tion to being one of the leaders of the Phila­del­phia-­based Ger­man­town Country Dancers, her calling has taken her from Amherst to Ann Arbor, from NEFFA to Hey Days, from St. Croix to Vancouver, and other points abroad, including many sessions at Pinewoods Camp.

Joanna loves teaching workshops for ECD callers, and workshops that explore ECD technique, new dances, and how people learn and remember dance choreography. While known for her clear calling and instruction, Joanna is also an avid dance gypsy, and in her spare time, works to support her dance habit.

Anna Patton

Anna Patton

Anna plays clarinet with great verve, clarity, and harmonic whim, drawing on a richly eclectic musical background of jazz, classical, traditional, and world music. Based in Brattleboro, VT, she performs full time for dances and concerts, composes and arranges music, and teaches ear training and swing harmony singing.

Her solo album, Isadore’s Breakfast, featuring her work on clarinet and vocals along with many of Vermont’s finest musicians, is a mix of French-influenced swing and fiddle tunes.

Daron Douglas

Daron Douglas

Daron plays fiddle and dulcimer and sings ballads passed down in her family. She left the world of the second violin section to get to Renaissance music, contra dance bands, and English country dance music. Her home is now New Orleans where she fiddles on a violin her father made, weaves rag rugs on her grand­mother’s loom, and gardens in zone 9.

Daron has made CDs of original waltzes, of English country dance tunes (with Foxfire and Goldcrest, with whom she plays around the country), and of the ballads her great-grand­mother sang in western North Carolina.

Karen Axelrod

Karen Axelrod

Karen left the world of classical music over 30 years ago, and has found her home in the folk world. She is highly regarded for her creative piano playing at English, American, and Scottish dance events around the U.S. and abroad. Her improvisational playing is lyrical yet touched with humor and whimsy.

Karen is a member of the bands Foxfire, Peregrine Road, Axelrod-Martin Duo, Old World Charm School, and Alchemy. She also plays accordion and tours with the renowned long sword team, Orion.

In addition to her life as a musician, Karen is an expert dog walker which keeps her in shape as she works toward her goal to complete a mara­thon in every state and not come in last. Karen formerly per­form­ed comedy improv with The Villa Jidiots and loves to teach improv to adults, children, and her canine clients.

Joseph Pimentel


Joseph is a New England native who is happy to call Houston home. He is a popular caller at dance events throughout the country and abroad, and calls a wide repertoire of contra, Eng­lish country, and com­mun­ity dances. His calling com­bines clear teaching, dis­cri­minat­ing taste in dances, and respect for tradition.

He is the author of numerous popular contra and English dances that have found their way into programs around the country. He has been an active dance organ­izer in Ann Arbor, MI and Columbus, OH, and is a former board member of the Country Dance and Song Society.

In the summer of 2020 Joseph will relocate to Amman, Jordan for three years, returning to Houston after that time. This Set for Spring is one of your last op­portun­ities to dance to Joseph's calling before he leaves.

Kendall Rogers


A Kentucky native now living in Houston, Kendall is a piano and bodhran player who also dab­bles in ac­cor­dion, whistle, and DADGAD guitar. He grew up amid the rich folk music and dance traditions of Kentucky and the traditional dance music from other parts of North America as well as Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, and England.

Since college, Kendall has focused mostly on playing for various kinds of folk dancing across the US. He's also played twice in Denmark. He has led dance band and piano work­shops at several folk dance weeks and the O'Flaherty Irish Music Retreat and Youth Camp. In addition to his activities as a musician, Kendall also organizes, calls, and runs sound for contra and English dances in Texas and Louisiana.

Katie Geringer & Tess Hartis

Kendall will be joined by violinists Katie Geringer and Tess Hartis.

Katie Geringer Tess Hartis

Kendall, Katie, and Tess play as a trio for both English and contra dancing in the Houston area.

Stifling an urge to dance is bad for your health—it rusts your spirit and your hips.
~ Adabella Radici