The schedule is subject to change. Last updated 03/07/2020.

All events listed below take place at the Knights of Columbus Roemer Hall.

Friday, March 20
8:00–11:00 pm Dance with Joanna, Anna, Daron, & Karen
Saturday, March 21
9:30–10:00 am Coffee, continental breakfast.
10:00–11:30 am Elegance & Style: ECD Technique with Joanna and Anna, Daron, & Karen
11:30–1:30 pm Lunch on your own
1:30–3:00 pm English Dances from the Green Jay Collection with Joseph, Anna, Daron, & Karen
3:00–3:30 pm Afternoon Tea
3:30–5:00 pm Everything Old is New Again: ECD Reconstructions with Joanna and Kendall, Katie, and Tess
5:00–8:00 pm Dinner on your own
8:00–11:00 pm Ball with Joanna and Anna, Daron, and Karen. Fancy dress encouraged but not required.
11:00 pm until ? After party at a private residence. Maps at the Ball.
Sunday, March 22
10:30 am–Noon Brunch by Alice and the All Star Chefs
Noon–2:00 pm Final Dance with Joanna and Anna, Daron, & Karen
2:00–2:30 pm Cleanup and move out.


Elegance & Style: ECD Technique

ECD workshops are an opportunity to work on style and technique—not only how to dance figures and choreographic patterns, but how to dance them well. This workshop features dances that give you the opportunity to focus on improving your ECD technique, and think about the ways that you as an individual dancer play a part in creating a satisfying dance experience for everyone.

Dances from the Green Jay Collection

This session will feature new and challenging English dances from Joseph’s newest book that is due out this spring.

Everything Old is New Again: ECD Reconstructions

We are lucky to live in a time when we get to dance recent and contemporary English dance compositions, and at the same time enjoy the early ECD repertoire interpreted by Andrew Shaw, Colin Hume, and others. This session will explore that dichotomy of old dances that are at the same time brand new.




Updated 03/07/2020.