Houston Area Traditional Dance Society

Contra Dan's Tunes

PDFs of our tunes and the current medley list are in a Dropbox folder: Contra Dan's Tunes .

There is also a PDF called Notes for new members in that folder. Please read that document before coming to your first rehearsal. Doing so will help you integrate into the band quicker and save rehearsal time.

You do not need a Dropbox account to download these files; you can cancel any request to create an account.

If you click on a PDF it will probably open in Dropbox (depends on your device). You can print directly from there or download the file to your computer. If the file looks like garbage on the Dropbox page, download it and then open it. To download directly without opening the file in Dropbox, right click on the file and choose Save file as.

You can also download everything in one zip file by clicking the link above and then the download button on the upper right of the Dropbox page. You'll have to wait a few seconds while Dropbox creates the zip file. You'll have many files that you probably don't need such as transposed tunes and source files, but it may be quicker than downloading individual files.

Note that many tunes have a version for Bb instruments such as clarinet and trumpet.

Source Files

Each subfolder (Couples, Jigs, Reels) has its own subfolder called Source Files. Each Source Files folder contains ABC files (most of them with a .txt extension) and/or Musescore files (.mscz) for many but not all of the tunes. You can use the ABC or Musescore files to transpose or customize the format of your copy.

For ABC files, the ABC converter on Mandolintab.net is powerful and simple to use.

For more control, consider Musescore. It is a free, open source music notation program that has matured greatly the last few years. It comes with an ABC import plugin that works quite well.

For the good are always the merry,
Save by an evil chance;
And the merry love the fiddle,
And the merry love to dance.
~ from The Fiddler of Dooney ~ William Butler Yeats