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Contra Chestnuts

Chestnuts Dance Info

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The Cracking Chestnuts dance is being produced by The Austin Area Traditional Dance Association (TAADA).

Parking information can be found on the TAADA website .

The band will be Subject to Change from Houston. The callers are Dale Rempert from Austin and Dorcas Hand and Grant Goodyear from Houston.

What are Chestnuts?

The term chestnut refers to something old and familiar. In the early 1980s the term was applied to some of the old — as in 100-200 years old — contra dances that were still being done in New England.

New England is, of course, the birth place of contra dancing.

The Program

In alphabetical order, here are the dances being planned for the dance in Austin. It is unlikely that all of these will be done.

Each title links to a page with the instructions and a short video. Each page will open in a separate tab. The version of some of the dances called in Austin may be slightly different from those shown in these videos.

Please note: this evening of dance is not for everyone!

While several of us feel that doing these old dances is a great way to spend an evening, please look at the videos and dance instructions before you decide to attend. If you tend to complain when a dance doesn't have everyone moving all the time or when a dance doesn't have at least a partner swing, this evening will not be your cup of tea.

While I dance I cannot judge, I cannot hate, I cannot separate myself from life. I can only be joyful and whole. That is why I dance.
~ Hans Bos