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Houston Area Traditional Dance Society

Election of the HATDS Board

HATDS is governed by a five person Board of Directors. Each board serves for a one year term. Usually one or more directors serve consecutive terms so there is continuity from year to year.

The formal election process is tied to the Annual Meeting of the Members, which in turn is tied to the HATDS fiscal year that starts June 1.


  • The nomination process for the new Board must begin at least four weeks prior to the Annual Membership Meeting, which is usually held in May. Rather than wait until April to start the process, we often start talking about the election and even take nominations in March.
  • Individuals must be HATDS members to be nominated and serve on the Board.
  • Those who nominate and those who second those nominations must also be members.
  • A member may nominate only one person but may second multiple nominations.
  • A person must agree to be nominated and to serve. They can do this in person at a dance, or in advance of their nomination in a written com­munica­tion that can be documented, such as an email.
  • Nominations are taken at regular dances, both contra and ECD.
  • The names of the nominees and nominators are recorded and appended to the minutes of the next board meeting.
  • The nomination process can be closed not less than two weeks prior to the Annual Meeting and not more than four weeks prior.

The Election

If more than five people are nominated, an election is held at the Annual Membership Meeting. Section 13 of the Bylaws details how that election is to be carried out.

However, if only five people are nominated, no formal election is necessary. This is the case in most years.

In either case, the new directors are introduced at the Annual Meeting. They don't actually assume office until the transition meeting between the outgoing and incoming Boards, which usually happens in June.

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