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Texas Contra Dance Weekends

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Year Austin Dallas Houston Lost Pines
1991   Fresh Fish; Steve Zakon    
1992   Ruthie Dornfeld, Sam Bartlett, Carol Hamm; Penn Fix   11/6-8:
Caller: Tod Whittemore
Music: Erin Shrader
1993   Hillbillies from Mars; Kathy Anderson   English. 2/6.
Callers: Various local.
Music: Contraflow

Contra: 3/19-21.
Callers: Ted Sannella,
Music: Becky Tracy, Allison Hicks.

Callers: Rich McMath, others.
Music: Erin Shrader, Allison Hicks, others.

Callers: Tony Parkes.
Music: Amy Richardson, Allison Hicks

1994   Clayfoot Strutters; Mary DesRosiers Uncle Gizmo; Dan Pearl 3/18-20.
Callers: Ted Sannella.
Music: Becky Tracy, Allison Hicks.

Callers: Tod Whittemore.
Music: Peter Barnes, Mimi Rogers

1995   Wild Asparagus; George Marshall Andy Wolfe, Debbie Knight; Tony Parkes English: 2/24-26.
Caller and Music: Jacqueline Schwab.

Caller: Ted Sannella.
Music: Becky Tracy, Allison Hicks

10/13-15 (ECD)
Caller: George Fogg.
Music: Allison Hicks, Kim McKittrick.

Caller: David Kaynor.
Music: Bob McQuillen, Mimi Rogers

Year Austin Dallas Houston Lost Pines
1996   Peter Barnes, Steve Hickman, Bill Tomczak, Claudio Buchwald; Susan Kevra Laurie Andres, Cathie Whitesides, Sandy Bradley; Mary Devlin 3/22-24.
Caller: Mike Richardson.
Music: ?
1997 Rodney Miller, David Cahn, Bill Meyer; Cis Hinkle Bruce Molsky, et al; Frank Hall Nightingale; Erna-Lynne Bogue  
1998 Nightingale; Becky Hill Footloose; Lisa Greenleaf Band Named Bob; Mike Richardson  
1999 Rex Blazer, Anita Anderson; Robert Cromartie Greenfield Dance Band; David Kaynor The Lundberg Brothers; Marian Rose  
2000 Red Mountain White Trash; Larry Edelman Popcorn Behavior; Peter Amidon (Leap Frog Frenzy) Au Contraire, various CDSS callers  
Year Austin Dallas Houston  
2001 Groove­mongers; Cis Hinkle Clayfoot Strutters; Kathy Anderson Last Gaspé; Carol Ormand  
2002 Reckless Ramblers; Steve Zakon-Anderson String Beings; Beth Molaro Bag o’ Tricks; Scott Higgs  
2003 Wild Asparagus; George Marshall KGB; Mary Devlin Hotpoint; Lisa Greenleaf  
2004 Airdance; Merri Rudd Domino; Susan Kevra Rhythm Method; Jim Kitch  
2005 Hotpoint; Carol Ormand Avant Gardeners; Jim X. Borzym Nightingale; Ron Buchanan  
Year Austin Dallas Houston San Antonio
2006 Crowfoot, Phantom Power; Rick Mohr, Sue Rosen Great Bear Trio; Gaye Fifer Footloose; Nils Fredland  
2007 Syncopaths, The Contraptions; Susan Michaels, Joseph Pimentel Latter Day Lizards; Joseph Pimentel Lift Ticket; Robert Cromartie  
2008 Out Of The Wood; Ray Polhemus Footloose; Nils Fredland KGB; Carol Ormand. +Perfect 5th & Joseph Pimentel Bob Dalsemer; local bands
2009 Avant Gardeners, Seth Tepfer Moving Violations, Lynn Ackerman Notorious; Shawn Brenneman +Evil Genius & Peter Lamborghini Tony and Beth Parkes, local bands
2010 Elixir; Nils Fredland Evening Star; Bob Dalsemer. Latter Day Lizards; Erik Weberg. Sue Rosen; Rodney Miller, Bruce Rosen
Year Austin Dallas Houston San Antonio
2011 Giant Robot Dance; Beth Molaro Magic Foot; Bev Bernbaum House Red; Scott Higgs Groove­mongers; Keith Tuxhorn, Marc Airhart
2012 Wild Asparagus; George Marshall Elixir; Nils Fredland The Retro­spectacles; David Kaynor  
2013 Contrazz; Diane Silver Rodney Miller Band; Adina Gordon Crowfoot; Adina Gordon Rodney Miller, Max Newman; Keith Tuxhorn
2014 Uncle Farmer, The Free Raisins; Cary Ravitz, Lauren Peckman Ladies at Play; Steve Zakon-Anderson Perpetual e-Motion; Will Mentor  
2015 Coffee Zombies; Gaye Fifer Coracree; Cis Hinkle Bayou Bedlam: Accordion Knot; Sarah Van­Nor­strand

December 12 Workshop and Holiday Ball: George Marshall; Ladies at Play

Year Austin Dallas Houston
2016 Jamie Laval and Owen Morrison; Susan Petrick Syncopaths; Susan Michaels Nor'easter; Susan Kevra  
2017 Nororious; Will Mentor Maivish; Joseph Pimentel Alchemy; Susan Kevra  
2018 Wake Up Robin; Sara VanNorstrand Stringfire; Seth Tepfer The Ripples; Dugan Murphy  
2019     Nova; Dana Parkinson